The idea of taking a skiing holiday in summer might seem a difficult one to swallow for a lot of people. This is partially due to a lot of people’s preconceptions about holidays being based on three important things, which don’t really fit with the idea of skiing; Sun, Sea and Sand.

But for those of us who have had enough of crowed beaches and over priced holiday hotspots a chilled out and exciting summer skiing holiday could be just the thing for you. Not only will the queues be shorter, the prices generally cheaper, the slopes less crowded and the locals more welcoming (all due to tourists being in warm and sunny destinations) but it will also make a change from what has actually become the normality of “summer holidays”.

For those of you thinking that locals will be swarming the slopes during this time despite where you go to, a summer skiing holiday is not best kept for Europe. Despite the glaciers which offer limited summer skiing (which is definitely worth incorporating into a holiday), to find knee-deep powder you have to explore elsewhere.

South America is one of the most renowned locations for a truly unique summer skiing destination. The Portillo resort in Los Andes, Chile is one of the most beautiful resorts for skiing in the world. The winter season runs through from June through September, which makes it an ideal location for a summer holiday in a winter wonderland. With its incredible scenery and the breath taking views from its resting place amongst the jagged peaks of the Andes Mountains, one could hardly hope for or imagine a better place for a truly unique holiday experience.

Another great location for a summer skiing getaway might be a little difficult to believe. In fact many holiday makers are very surprised to learn that there is a great skiing holiday to be had in Australia. There are snow capped mountains in this odd place, in fact it could be the ideal compromise for a couple who want sun, sea and skiing.

For those travellers who are looking for something a little out of the ordinary South Africa could be an ideal destination. There are a few different resorts here, but they can be quite unusual and don’t always offer the best range of slopes, so it’s not ideal for experienced skiers. Although for people wanting a really unique and varied time on their holidays a skiing trip in South Africa certainly will not disappoint.

Of course there are locations for skiing holidays in Europe all through the summer, but for those who want a really unique experience which is light on the tourists and heavily on the culture the countries previously mentioned really are the best options.

This article was written on behalf of MF Airport Parking by Steph Staszko. In her spare time Steph is a skiing enthusiast and an avid travel writer.