The planet is quite a peaceful place. The majority of people are friendly and they will do their best to help you whichever language they speak and whatever God they believe in. However there is no completely holy nationality. And you never know when to expect a trouble as there is always someone who tries to take advantage of vulnerable tourists. Hence being aware of at least some of travel scams will definitely steer you clear of the worst. So be aware of how to avoid 10 most common travel safety mishaps and skim through this article to make sure you are well prepared.

The friendship bracelet

Seemingly nice woman comes up to you and offers to put on your wrist a so-called friendship bracelet. Whether you want it or not, she does it and demands to pay for it. The trick is that you can get distracted while her accomplice is checking your pockets.

Risk zone: France, Greece, Spain, Egypt.

Cheap overnight bus journey

You might be tempted by the price of a too cheap bus ticket and during this night journey all your valuables will be stolen of your bag. There is even a certain risk that your luggage will be emptied as well while you are sleeping. The thief is usually a part of the bus crew and the bus will arrive surprisingly early so no one will have the time to realise what exactly has happened. It is highly recommended to take only government buses if there is a necessity to travel through the night.

Risk zone: Thailand

The thrown baby

A woman will come up close to you and throw her baby covered in swaddling clothes right into your arms. Even though it is usually just a doll, you are very likely to get shocked and freeze for a moment, trying to figure out what happened. Meanwhile this woman’s accomplices will go through your pockets and bags.

Risk zone: Rome

Dirt on shirt

Some little boy will purposely spill ketchup on your shirt or jacket, pretending accidentally bumping into you. Then he will point to the stain on your clothes and offer his help to clean it, apologising for the inconvenience. Once his hands are on your shirt or jacket, he will steal everything he can find in the pockets.

Risk zone: Argentina, Brazil

The fake takeaway menu

If you’re staying in a hotel, then one day you might find a leaflet under your door with a takeaway menu and affordable prices. Scam experts will hope you to order something from the list once you don’t feel like going out for dinner. Of course, you won’t receive anything except a bank statement that they used your credit card.

Risk zone: USA

The broken camera –

Risk zone: Worldwide

Imagine you are approached by a group of happy friends, pretending to be tourists just like you. They will ask to take a photo of them, but once you try to capture their smiley faces the camera will not work. When you will try to hand it back, they will drop it. The whole group will then demand money for repairs or pickpocket you during this show.

The broken camera


Eager English students

Seemingly innocent girls, hearing you speak English, will come over and ask to practice a little bit or just start a conversation. At first, it will probably be fun but their story will quickly turn into a sob one, and they will ask you for some money. The scenario may be a little different. These girls can invite you to their local favourite café to return the favour. When a waiter will come with an incredibly overpriced bill, the girls will be nowhere to be seen.

Risk zone: China