It’s pretty exciting setting off on your vacation. Maybe you’ve never been to Thailand before and you don’t know what to expect. If you have heard stories they were probably a mix of good and bad. Although Thailand is a developing nation it’s actually pretty modern. You will see a lot of poverty, but normally things run pretty smoothly. You can find everything you need, and even though not many people speak fluent English you will be able to get by using slow words and hand gestures.

But it makes sense to know a few things before you go. So you don’t get caught out or scammed in any way. No country is perfect and Thailand is no exception. The last thing you want to do is put yourself in a position where you are vulnerable. Little things can have a big impact on your holiday. If anything happens and you weren’t prepared you might go home vowing never to come back. That would be sad. Here are a few things you should know before you get there.

They love their royalty

You should not disrespect Thai royalty at any time. The people absolutely love them, especially the king. I’m sure you know what free speech means and what it allows you to get away with. If you don’t feel the president is doing a good job you can say something about it without fear of punishment.

Not in Thailand. If you are not careful and say the wrong thing you could find yourself locked up in jail. That’s not an understatement. Just don’t do it.

Don’t take drugs                   

That might sound obvious. In some countries if you are found with a tiny amount of drugs you might be let off with a caution. At worst you might get a fine. Even being caught with something as simple as a marijuana joint could have you banged up in a dirty Thai jail for years. It’s something to think about when you’re at that beach party and someone offers you something. Don’t throw your life away.

Be careful of tuk-tuks

Tuk-tuks are great when you are new to Thailand. You might never have experienced anything like them and would love to give it a try. Don’t believe anything that sounds too good to be true. If someone says they will drive you anywhere for a few dollars there is something going on. What will usually happen is you will be taking on a massive 2 hour detour around all the shops the driver has made a deal with. You will be expected to buy something and they will get a commission.

They like it hot

The Thai people absolutely love spicy food. So much so they will put chilies in everything. If you are not used to hot food it can seriously upset your stomach. It usually takes the body a while to get used to this. That’s great if you are backpacking there for a few months, but if you are only there on a two week vacation you don’t want to be spending all your time lying in bed with serious muscle cramps. Ask them to make it mild if you are not used to it.

John Peters works with a leading company that offers affordable flights Spain.  He is a bagpack traveler and loves to blog about his adventurous stays at various places.