Aside from perhaps travelling to and from your destination (especially if you’re flying), planning where to go and what to see on a trip can be one of the most stressful parts of the holiday process! Fortunately, there are plenty of tools online which can make things easier, not to mention point out some amazing sights that you might otherwise have missed.


1. CityTrip Planner

We love this tool: expanded at the end of 2013 to more than double the number of destinations it supports, CityTrip Planner puts together a plan of action just for you based on the preferences you set. Choose your city, what kind of things you want to see and do and how much or little you want to fit into your break and this amazing tool gives you a personalised itinerary, complete with timings, maps and directions. The online version of the tool is free to use, and can be exported to your smartphone or tablet for use on the go alongside the CityTrip Planner app.

2. TV Food Maps

One of the best parts of travelling abroad is sampling the local cuisine, so any help distinguishing the hidden gems from the tourist traps is always welcome!  That’s why love the ingenious TV Food Maps, which plots the location of hundreds of eateries in the USA which have been featured on a range of television food shows.  As well as reporting on what culinary delights were showcased in the shows themselves, there are also plenty of user reviews to determine whether the restaurant near you is as good as Top Chef of Man vs Food claimed!

3. Road Trip USA

It has long been the romantic travel dream of many to embark on a road trip across the continental USA, and the age of GPS and online mapping has made planning such a cross-country adventure easier than ever before.  Road Trip USA is one of the web’s finer sites for getting advice and inspiration on a range of possible routes, from north-south trips along the two seaboards to full-on coast-to-coast itineraries.

4. Tripomatic

Perfect for those who already have a good idea of what they want to see, Tripomatic lets you start with a blank slate and build up your ideal trip from scratch rather than offering too many suggestions.  Its map-based interface is great for seeing what’s near to your hotel and for visualising how you will make your way around the city.

About the author:

Keith M. Spencer doesn’t know the word „boredom”, he cannot sit still and is constantly thinking about new travel destinations to visit.