Gone are the days when honeymooners would book a trip to Hawaii. Newlyweds now have more options when it comes to honeymoon destinations. Whether your idea of a dream honeymoon is at an exotic beach or in a mountain resort, you have lots of places to choose from.

Here are some of the best honeymoon destinations that you might want to consider for that once-in-a-lifetime vacation.

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This small country in Central America is not exactly accessible from Europe, as it is around 10 hours away by plane from London. But it is beautiful and laidback; the type of place you’d want to spend days or weeks after months of preparing for your wedding. It is unspoiled, and it is largely unheard of unlike other Caribbean islands like Jamaica.


This country is home to the second largest barrier reef system in the world. There are lots of diving, snorkelling and fishing spots. Plus the white sand beaches are perfect for sunbathing. And if you want to explore the other parts of the country, there are rainforest reserves and Mayan ruins to explore.


If your dream honeymoon is spending time with your partner in a deserted island, then book a flight and accommodation in Maldives. For many years, this country has consistently ranked in the list of top honeymoon destinations.

This is a small archipelago that is located less than 500 miles southwest of Sri Lanka. It sits atop a huge underwater mountain range. It’s a paradise especially for divers who would want to get close to turtles, stingrays, Manta rays and whale sharks.

Like Belize, Maldives is around 10 hours away by plane from London. There are airlines that offer direct flights to Maldives from London such as British Airways.


Another archipelago in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles is blessed with exquisite snorkelling and diving sites. Forty one of the 115 islands are granite. Island-hopping is the activity you’ll most likely enjoy here, aside from lounging around its white sand beaches. It is around 10 hours away by plane from London.


If you and your partner would want to get away from the hustle and bustle of urban living, then you should book a honeymoon in Fiji. Sure, you’d spend more than a day travelling to this island-country from London but the sights are sure worth the long trip.


Because the islands were formed by volcanic activity lots of years ago, there are countless rugged mountains with lush forests on many of the Fijian islands. The beaches are picturesque and you will love the many world-class snorkelling and diving sites.

But if you love golf, you will get excited with the fact that the country boasts of world class golf courses.

Porto Heli, Greece

In case you want to have a memorable and relaxing honeymoon without leaving Europe, then go to Porto Heli in the Peloponnese peninsula of Greece. The calm beaches of the small coastal town are great for sunbathing. You’ll also love the lush olive groves and perfect bays of the town.

Plan your perfect trip in advance or follow your heart and go spontaneously. Either way, have a splendid honeymoon!