Top Ski Resorts of California

California is a diverse place. It boasts valleys, deserts, plains, oceans and urban jungles. It also boasts one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the United States, the Sierra Nevada Mountains. For skiers, California is an enticing state to visit. From Lake Tahoe to Yosemite National Park, there is plenty for the skier to see and do. Check out these amazing ski resorts that you can find in California!

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Sierra at Lake Tahoe, California: Lake Tahoe is among the more popular mountain destination in the state. The cold, dry climate, beautiful lake and great snow that falls every year makes it the ideal place to build a ski resort. Regardless of whether you are a beginning skier or an advanced expert, you will find the ski resort an enjoyable place to vacation. Even if you don’t come to ski, there are plenty of things to indulge in! There are parks, trails and mountain activities that you can engage in. There are Adventure Zones for the younger children, and Tubing for people of all ages. There is also snowshoeing and Interactive Mountain Tours, which will teach you about the beauty and sanctity of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. You can buy all of your season or week passes online, bypassing any inconvenience. Do you have small children? There is daycare, so you won’t have to worry about keep the little ones entertained while you’re engaging in your favorite snowy pastime.
Bear Mountain Resort, California: Looking for a place that offers terrain to all levels of skiers and snowboarders? Bear Mountain has it all. Your ticket is good for both the Bear Mountain and Snow Summit ski lift. There are 26 lifts, 438 acres, 55 trails, a 1700-foot vertical drop and much more. Both Bear Mountain and its extension, Snow Summit, have professionally taught skiing and snowboarding classes that extend from beginner levels to experts. The Scene is the main hangout center in the resort. You can hang out here with your friends, grab a drink, get warm and have a chat before heading out into the refreshingly chilly afternoon sunshine. There is a bar and a barbeque located within the 13,000 square foot sundeck. The challenging slope known as ‘Geronimo’ is located right off the top of Bear Peak.

Mt. Shasta Ski Park, California: Mount Shasta is the most famous mountain peak in California. It dominates the skyline from miles away. It has been rendered by many artists and used in movies. At over 14,000 feet, Mount Shasta is truly a mighty place. Discover the fun of skiing, snowboarding and engaging in cross-country activities. You can your entire family can enjoy a laidback and affordable vacation at this gorgeous ski resort. There are miles of manicured trails to explore, as well as runs and slopes to test out for all levels of skiing skills. If you are new to winter activity, the gold medal teachers and trainers at the resort will be more than happy to help you master the basics of skiing, snowboarding or cross—country. The Snow Kids Program is especially perfect for family learning. The park is located just 10 miles east of Interstate 5.

Soda Springs Snow Park, California: This ski resort was founded during the 1930s, and at one time was only accessible by train. It can now be accessed by Route 80 and the tiny trails have been replaced by tow lifts. Today it is a very small but spirited resort. Sacramento is just 80 miles away, San Francisco is 170 miles away and Reno is only 48 miles away.