Just like the vast space that is North America itself, skiing on American shores is as varied as the night and day. From mammoth mountains and 24 hour party towns through to quaint snow covered villages; those choosing to embark on a skiing holiday American style will not be disappointed.


Widely regarded as one of, if not the best ski resort in the world, the 2010 host of the winter Olympics has to have a place on the bucket list of every snow sports lover.

Known for its party atmosphere, with many bars getting busy from mid-afternoon and countless restaurants requiring booking days or even weeks in advance, Whistler is not a destination for those in search of a quiet getaway.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t bring the whole family along: Whistler’s vast expanse means there’s a slope to suit every member of the family, and with hotels such as the fairytale-like Fairmont and the just absolutely fabulous Four Seasons you can ensure everybody sleeps tight and wakes refreshed for a full day of family fun.

Mammoth Mountain

More people associate California with sun and sand than snow and ski resorts and yet, up in the high altitudes of the mountains, lies a stunning resort that more than lives up to its imposing title.

Yet despite the visual feast of Mammoth Mountain, many of the slopes here are much easier on the eyes than they are to navigate – the resort’s vast range of dangerous declines, jumps, jibs and half-pipes mean that Mammoth Mountain is as popular with snowboarders as it is with skiers.

If you want to make the most of Mammoth Mountain’s sensational scenery while lapping up the luxury, try the Mammoth Prestige Collection at Altis. With its private Jacuzzis overlooking Mammoth’s lakes, heated garages and a complimentary shuttle service, it surely won’t disappoint.


Set within Banff national park, this charming tourist town definitely deserves a place in the running for North America’s most beautiful ski resort.

Boasting 100% real snow, an abundance of restaurants and bars and good value lodgings, Banff is ideal for a romantic break or family trip away. However it’s worth noting that Banff does lack that renowned ski resort ‘atmosphere’ and temperatures can get very cold (-30 C or less) – but what it lacks in atmosphere it more than makes up for in beauty.

Oh, and if you’re visitng Banff, you may want to purchase a ‘three-area pass’ that allows you to ski at the nearby natural beauty of Lake Louise.

Big White

As an almost Disneyland of ski resorts, Big White boasts a different kind of beauty, but it’s certainly not one to be sniffed at.

Big White is a resort like no other: it’s built right into the slopes. You can literally leave your hotel, pop on your skis and head downhill. Even the main street is considered a ‘ski run’ and is certainly a sight to see: imagine shoppers on skis casually sliding by as they indulge in a spot of window shopping or restaurant scouting – certainly a prime photo opportunity if there ever was one.


A world famous resort almost as well-known as Whistler, Colorado’s Aspen lies around a historic town centre that preserves all the beauty of a simpler time gone by.

Despite its historical cover however, Aspen’s tourist attractions have certainly moved with the times. As well as a profusion of bars and restaurants, shopaholics and even art lovers will find their fix is fulfilled in the Aspen hills.

For those wanting a little taste of luxury as they escape the cold, the Hyatt and St Regis will not disappoint.

And Beyond…

While America does undoubtedly play host to a stunning range of ski resorts, it’s European nations such as Switzerland and France that many state lay the claim to the most beautiful resorts in the world.

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