Even if you’re on a short trip to the magnificent city of Budapest, venturing farther away from the city center and exploring the surrounding areas can be quite a rewarding experience and a number of great attractions await those who dare to be different than the millions of tourists who visit every year. These are our top 4 picks if you plan to visit the outskirts.


Opened in 1993, two years after the departure of soviet troops from Hungary, Szoborpark (or memento park) is the only park of its kind. After the fall of the communist regime, Hungary was the only country from the former eastern-bloc that chose to preserve the statues and monuments that once adorned its squares and avenues, and you can see all of them here. Statues of Karl Marx, Freidrich Engels and a Béla Kun memorial can all be admired here alongside the famous Republic of Councils monument.


Lake Balaton

Under communist rule lake Balaton and it’s beaches were the most popular summer holiday destinations for Hungarians, and it remains one of the leading tourist summer destinations. The largest freshwater lake in central Europe lies southwest of the capital, measures nearly 80 km in length and is often referred to as the ‘Hungarian sea’. The southern shore is a bit of a party place, with restaurants nightclubs and resort hotels all around but you can also find a lot of historical sites, fisherman’s cottages and a few places that offer some ‘to-die-for’ wine-tasting sessions. Getting there by coach or train is easy too.


Once the capital of Pannonia inferior (an ancient roman Capital) and ruled by the Romans as the name suggests for close to four centuries, Aquincum was established by civilian workers who provided the infrastructure and support for the garrison of soldiers in Óbuda. Due to its location on the Buda side of the river this was an important natural defensive barrier for the Roman military and hence contains one of the richest collections of remains from that period, most of which are housed in the Aquincum museum.


Get to Városmajor station and get the Cogwheel Railway towards the Buda hills, an area that offers great cycling and walking trails, caves and rock-climbing, the Budakeski game park and the Béla Bartok Memorial house, the villa he lived in before moving to America, containing some of this famous composer’s possessions.


Where to stay.

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