When you travel to a new country you have to make sure you keep yourself safe. Too many people are out to take advantage of you. If you don’t know what the place is like you could find yourself in trouble. I’m not trying to scare you. It’s not like you have to be afraid to travel abroad. Just be prepared and look after yourself. Take these into consideration before you go.

1 – Don’t walk alone at night

If you’ve never been to a certain city before you have no idea where it’s safe to walk at night. Everywhere has places where you get a lot of trouble. You could easily walk into the middle of somewhere you shouldn’t be. It’s always safer to have someone else with you. It’s actually better if you choose not to walk about at night unless there’s plenty of other people about.

2 Don’t flash money about

Maybe you’re used to flashing your wallet about when you’re at home, but it’s a stupid idea to do it in countries where people make much less money than you do. You’re almost rubbing it in their face. If someone hasn’t eaten and they see you with all that cash they could try and take it off you. You may not think that’s nice, but some people are just trying to survive.

3 – Keep your passport safe

Even if you were to lose everything else on vacation, if you had your passport with you it will still get you home. If you’re stuck in a foreign country without a passport it could take you a lot of extra work to get it sorted out. If you have the option to purchase a safety deposit box for your room you should always spend the extra cash. It may just save your holiday from becoming a disaster.

4 – Watch what you eat and drink

It’s pretty easy to get an upset stomach when you’re traveling in a foreign country. The food and drink can sometimes be completely different to what you’re used to and it takes your body a while to get used to it. It’s going to make it a lot worse if you don’t watch what you eat. Don’t eat from dirty food stalls that the locals seem to keep away from. Make sure you don’t drink tap water.

5 – Keep your baggage locked

All you need to keep your baggage safe is a nice little padlock. This means that nobody will be able to look through your things when your bag is in transit. It’s especially bad in airports when baggage handlers can easily slip your bag open and take what they want. If you store your bag in a bus luggage compartment it’s the same deal.

6 – Don’t get into fights

You never know who might pull out a gun or a knife on you and take your life. It’s really not worth getting into any sort of fight unless you are only trying to defend yourself. Walk away at any opportunity you get. You also don’t want to end up in prison in a foreign country because you have no idea what they are like. Do you fancy sharing a cell with 50 other people?

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