Beaches of the Algarve

Welcome to the Algarve, home to some of the most spectacular and cleanest ‘praias’ (beaches) in Europe, mostly featuring soft, golden sand, and of course beautiful weather. Let’s explore!

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Meia Praia / Alvor

Situated near to Lagos, this long, wide stretch of beach is very popular with families. The kids will enjoy playing among the sand dunes that fringe the beach and the bathing here is very safe. There are several beach bars and restaurants nearby but not so many as to take over. As the beach is so large, it is never overcrowded. There is nearby free parking.

Praia da Falesia, Albufeira

Praia de Falesia is another long strip of sand, just 10 km from Albufeira. The beach sits at the bottom of high cliffs made up of the kind of golden coloured rocks that will become familiar during your visit. Perhaps not the best beach for anyone with walking difficulties as you park at the top of the cliffs and have to get down to it, but it is well worth the effort if you enjoy walking.

Praia de Marinha

This sandy little cove is located on the Atlantic coast near to Lagoa, at the bottom of some high cliffs. If it is seclusion you are after, this is for you. There is a large rocky outcrop just a few metres offshore that add to the beauty of the cove. There are lots of steps down to the beach and at high tide there is not a great deal of space down there. Boat trips are available nearby to take you around the coast to other coves, some of which are virtually inaccessible on foot.

Praia dos Pescadores

The beach at Albufeira’s old town is long and wide, with soft sand, great waves and high cliffs. The beach is very popular, partly because it is situated right at the edge of the town. Don’t worry about getting down to this beach and back as there are massive outdoor escalators to take all the hard work out of it. There are several beach restaurants and with the town being so close by you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to taking lunch or a drink. Water sports are on offer at reasonable prices too. This is a busy beach but is so large that you will not struggle to find a space. The kids will love it.

Praia de Rocha

The largest beach on the Portimao coast offers a wide promenade at the top of its cliffs with spectacular views of the beach and sea below. Getting down to the beach involves lots of steps so it may not be suitable for everybody. The beach itself is long and wide and there is a wooden walkway all along its edge – which is served by several beach bars that offer not only great quality, but also great value. There are also many more bars and restaurants at the top of the cliff. Jet skis, windsurfers and pedalos can be rented and there are magnificent rocks and cliffs to explore. You will definitely not be bored.

Praia do Amado

This is one of the best surfing beaches in Europe – often windy and with huge waves. The beach has long been a favourite with surfers but its appeal is now growing among those seeking a less commercial experience. The water tends to be a bit on the colder side here and kids will need supervision due to the strength of the currents. The scenery here is wild and untamed and the beach gets busier at weekends.

Praia de Albandeira

This is a tiny beach surrounded by cliffs and is the definition of the term ‘unspoilt’. In terms of facilities here, there are none…no sun beds, no jet skis, no pedalos…just a great, secluded cove with few visitors – oh and a small wooden bar at the top of the cliffs for a beer or coke. Getting there is a challenge itself due to the journey from top to bottom…but when you get there you will find crystal clear waters, rocks, caves and a small stretch of sandy beach. Paradise!

Praia Maria Louisa

The small resort town of Santa Eulalia, set to the east of Albufeira is home to the wonderful Praia Maria Louisa. Cliffs back the beach and there is a fine restaurant on the beach. The beach can also be accessed from Olhos de Agua Village at low tide and the resort of Quinta da Balaia. This is a 3 kilometre stretch of beach that is great for sunbathing and perfect for kids as there is lots to keep them entertained, including opportunities for sailing, belly surfing, windsurfing and water skiing.

Article provided by Mike James, an independent travel writer working alongside a handful of travel companies, including the complete traveller’s guide to the beautiful region of the Portuguese Algarve – For Airport.

Tourist Friendly Places to Visit in India

Travelling India, well that can be very hectic and confusing since there are a lot of places to travel and with all that running along, one just hopes to find a proper place to stay and variety in food items which one can enjoy. A place where one can feel comfortable and enjoy at the same time, a friendly place indeed.

So here is a list of 10 friendly places in India and their best features.

  1. Mumbai

The city of dreams, Mumbai not only attracts dreamers but also tourists. It is a place of infinite possibilities.

From those luxurious malls and restaurants to the side stall vendors.

Mumbai never sleeps well that’s true. The nightlife is an attraction to youngsters from all around.

If you wish to go shopping, then Mumbai is a hub for it too. All the latest fashion at all types of prices. Overall Mumbai deserves to be called the most tourist friendly place.

 2. Goa

Goa is said to be most famous destination for backpackers with a low budget. If you want to party, then visit Goa because It holds the 6th position in the world for the nightlife as stated by a national geographic book.

Most of the attraction though is its coastal areas or the beaches. Anyone can come and stay at a mere sum of Rs.500/night in the shacks lined along the beaches.

The food is also budget friendly since the stalls on the beach offers a wide variety of seafood.

It also allures those history buffs to beautiful Portuguese architecture like moths to fire.

Overall a beautiful destination one should must visit.

3. Manali

Nestled in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh, this hill station is a sight for those sore eyes. It’s a perfect escape plan for the backpackers. There are many adventure sports that it offers like trekking, climbing, mountain biking, paragliding, rafting and skiing which mostly attract youngsters.

With a lot of beautiful resorts for accommodation it calls out to a lot of honeymooners while other travellers prefer the old Manali with plenty services and laid back vibe. Overall this place is a pretty chilled out place.

4. Agra

Have you visited any of the seven wonders? Well, Agra gives you that one chance to visit at least one of those, The Taj Mahal. Apart from Taj Mahal, Agra is one of the city that showcases the legacy of the Mughal empire with the enchanting castles and fascinating tombs.

From budget to luxury, it offers plenty of accommodations all near and around The Taj.

Famous for its pethas Agra also is renowned for the mughlai food. Hence it is not only an attraction for Indians but foreign travellers too.

5. Rishikesh

Situated on the foothills of Himalayas, besides river Ganges, Rishikesh is a renowned centre for its temples and ashrams. This city focuses on the enlightenment of the souls through salvation. A spiritual town indeed. Not only an alcohol-free city but also a vegetarian city by law.

It is also rising as the adventure capital of India because it offers trekking on the mountains of Himalayas, white river rafting attracting a lot of youngsters.

6. Amritsar

Taking a tour on the north-western side of India one should definitely visit the holy town in Punjab also known as Ambarsar. Its walls secure the Golden temple which is said to be the most sacred shrine for Sikhs all around the country. The temple offers services to all those who visit. Amritsar is also famous for its rich cuisines and Jallianwala bagh massacre. Several markets are packed up all around the town. The walls of the city have faced a lot of wounds during the struggle of independence and one should visit to see how they flaunt it with pride now.

7. Chennai

Also, known as the southern capital of India, Chennai comes 4th on the list of largest economy of the country. Lined up by the Bay of Bengal, gives you a chance to walk around on sand during sunsets on the Marina beach. The people here are warm hearted and proud of their city.

This upcoming city is sprinkled with all types of malls, clubs, luxurious hotels and local markets. The city is also rich in its cultural heritage.

8. Rajasthan

The sand state of India is also the largest state in the country. The heritage is impossible to miss with those beautiful art sculptures or the unique jewellery. Those enormous mansions carved with intricate designs invite you in wholeheartedly. The traditional rides being the camels and elephants, this state have yet not forgotten the very basic roots of the old Mughal India. Cities worth visiting are the pink city, Jaipur, the city of lakes, Udaipur, the desert city, Jaisalmer, the haunted city, Bhangarh, etcetera. The folk music, the liveliness, the spices and the magnificent forts will leave you mesmerized for days and the trip impossible to forget.

9. Bengaluru

Formerly known as Bangalore, is the most progressive city in India with all the IT sectors. The city mostly comprises of youngsters hence the nightlife is pretty appealing for people all around. Though the city experiences several changes due to the outburst of development the core colonial heritage remains intact. The city is beautiful inside out.

10. Sikkim

Wondered about those beautiful destinations on the postcards? Well, Sikkim is definitely one of those places with the breath-taking green valleys and Himalayan mountains. It’s the best refuge to those who want to lay low surrounded by mother nature. There are several Buddhist monasteries to visit plus the local food is really sumptuous. For fun, you can try hiking and mountaineering. The place is indeed heaven.

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An architect by profession and traveller at heart, Rohit’s travel stories are
shared on to show his love for the most underexplored and mesmerizing places of India.

Tourist Scams and Tricks You Should Be Aware Of

The planet is quite a peaceful place. The majority of people are friendly and they will do their best to help you whichever language they speak and whatever God they believe in. However there is no completely holy nationality. And you never know when to expect a trouble as there is always someone who tries to take advantage of vulnerable tourists. Hence being aware of at least some of travel scams will definitely steer you clear of the worst. So be aware of how to avoid 10 most common travel safety mishaps and skim through this article to make sure you are well prepared.

The friendship bracelet

Seemingly nice woman comes up to you and offers to put on your wrist a so-called friendship bracelet. Whether you want it or not, she does it and demands to pay for it. The trick is that you can get distracted while her accomplice is checking your pockets.

Risk zone: France, Greece, Spain, Egypt.

Cheap overnight bus journey

You might be tempted by the price of a too cheap bus ticket and during this night journey all your valuables will be stolen of your bag. There is even a certain risk that your luggage will be emptied as well while you are sleeping. The thief is usually a part of the bus crew and the bus will arrive surprisingly early so no one will have the time to realise what exactly has happened. It is highly recommended to take only government buses if there is a necessity to travel through the night.

Risk zone: Thailand

The thrown baby

A woman will come up close to you and throw her baby covered in swaddling clothes right into your arms. Even though it is usually just a doll, you are very likely to get shocked and freeze for a moment, trying to figure out what happened. Meanwhile this woman’s accomplices will go through your pockets and bags.

Risk zone: Rome

Dirt on shirt

Some little boy will purposely spill ketchup on your shirt or jacket, pretending accidentally bumping into you. Then he will point to the stain on your clothes and offer his help to clean it, apologising for the inconvenience. Once his hands are on your shirt or jacket, he will steal everything he can find in the pockets.

Risk zone: Argentina, Brazil

The fake takeaway menu

If you’re staying in a hotel, then one day you might find a leaflet under your door with a takeaway menu and affordable prices. Scam experts will hope you to order something from the list once you don’t feel like going out for dinner. Of course, you won’t receive anything except a bank statement that they used your credit card.

Risk zone: USA

The broken camera –

Risk zone: Worldwide

Imagine you are approached by a group of happy friends, pretending to be tourists just like you. They will ask to take a photo of them, but once you try to capture their smiley faces the camera will not work. When you will try to hand it back, they will drop it. The whole group will then demand money for repairs or pickpocket you during this show.

The broken camera


Eager English students

Seemingly innocent girls, hearing you speak English, will come over and ask to practice a little bit or just start a conversation. At first, it will probably be fun but their story will quickly turn into a sob one, and they will ask you for some money. The scenario may be a little different. These girls can invite you to their local favourite café to return the favour. When a waiter will come with an incredibly overpriced bill, the girls will be nowhere to be seen.

Risk zone: China