4×4 the Ultimate Travel Accessory

The stereotype of 4×4 owners is conveniently split between rural and urban drivers: if you’re not a farmer, you must be attempting to compensate for something. However, there is likely to be more than a touch of envy towards these drivers, as the benefits of owning a 4×4 car make them superior to standard cars in many ways.

picture by Flickr's 'FurLined'

A tough nut to crack

4×4 vehicles look sturdy because they’re built to withstand more damage than your average car. Since they are built to withstand the perils of off-road driving, 4x4s can shrug off the odd bump in the car park. This means you won’t have to call up your car insurance company and sheepishly tell them how your pride-and-joy was beaten up by a hatchback.

First you get the power …

Everything about a 4×4 says ‘power’, from the build of its body to the roar of the engine. Driving a 4×4 allows you to dominate the landscape and travel wherever you feel. The power of a 4×4 comes from the engine giving out equal power to all four wheels at the same time, allowing you to drive with more control over the car. As well as dealing easily with off-road driving, this feature becomes especially useful when the weather takes a turn for the worse, as tends to happen every other day in the UK. 

Snow problem? No problem!

As well as having more power, 4×4 vehicles have a higher traction than your average passenger car. When the snow or heavy rain hits, all cars will either be immobile or sliding into one another. All cars, that is, except the 4x4s, which are able to drive over rough terrain in adverse weather with ease. Whether you’re doing the school run in the dead of winter or climbing up a muddy hill, a 4×4 will get you there and take you home again without breaking a sweat.

Four-wheeled family fun

If you’re going on a camping holiday or a day out with the family, you’ll need a lot of space. Once you fit in the luggage, bikes, picnic basket, pets and children, you’ll be lucky if you have enough room left to drive the car. 4x4s have a large boot space and it’s easy to bolt on a bike rack or a storage box to the roof, giving you plenty of breathing space inside when you set off. Models such as the Land Rover Discovery and Toyota Landcruiser have room for seven or eight people, giving you room for the whole family (or a bigger picnic basket). 

It doesn’t matter if you live in the country or in the city; a 4×4 gives you a degree of power and versatility that you can’t get with an average car. This gives you the freedom to go where you please and feel like the king of the road on the way there.

This article was written by Jamie Gibbs from Confused.com, the car insurance price comparison website that covers 4×4 insurance.