A New Life in Malaga and the Costa del Sol

Both Malaga and the Costa del Sol are hugely attractive propositions for those seeking the sun-soaked Mediterranean lifestyle. They are hugely popular cosmopolitan destinations for families or couples to settle with friendly communities, luxurious food and culture providing the ideal platform to begin a new life abroad.



There are also plenty of Andalusian festivals to enjoy throughout the year, many of which thousands of tourists. Both the Costa del Sol and Malaga are two highly beneficial locations when it comes to bringing up a family thanks to the numerous sporting facilities scattered across the area and the highly reputable schools.

Here are some of the many reasons why both of these Spanish resort locations are such wonderful propositions for living abroad:

The Fiestas

Andalusia is the celebratory capital of Spain and some of the best parties are thrown in Malaga and the Costa del Sol. There is usually one fiesta held every month, so you can rest assured you’ll get the opportunity to experience these joyful and flamboyant occasions.

There is a colourful carnival to mark the beginning of Lent and further processions Holy Week and the famous Malaga Fair on the Cost del Sol, which is a non-stop celebration that lasts for nine days. It has everything from live music and fairground rides to flamenco shows and traditional Spanish dress.

Inland Appeal

Much is made of Malaga’s beach resorts and you’d do well to find a more spectacular setting, yet one its biggest appeals lies further inland, somewhere very few tourists consider exploring in comparison to the seaside.

There are some beautiful nature parks and mountainous regions to explore, such as the El Torcal nature reserve which is home to strange Jurassic limestone rock formations. Andalusia offers so much more than just the famous coastline, so you don’t have to worry about getting tired of the same scenery.

The Climate and Coastline

We couldn’t not mention the famous Malaga coastline, which enjoys more than 320 days of sunshine every year. You’ll never have an excuse not to head to the beach with sandy beaches and water sports in abundance.

There are some stunning, crystal clear waters to be found towards the rockier shores of the Malaga coastline, while the majority of golden, sandy beaches and promenades are located to the West of Malaga.

The Andalusian Cuisine

Tapas is the signature dish of Spain and you’ll struggle to find better tapas anywhere other than the Costa del Sol. There are many establishments that will provide you with a tasty dish for free when you buy a drink.

Some of the traditional tapas dishes include garlic prawns and spicy patatas bravas. As this is a coastal resort, you can expect to find plenty of traditional seafood including fresh fish and shell fish. Don’t forget to try the beautiful Spanish meatballs that are available in a wide variety of delicious sauces.

A Family Friendly Atmosphere

Malaga and the Costa del Sol are hugely appealing to families as there are so many things you can do together. Children will adore the beach as well as the sports centre and the numerous theme parks of which some are hugely famous across Spain.

Benalmadena has its own Sea Life Aquarium incorporating over 2,000 fish including sharks while Tivoli World is one of the most popular fairgrounds with some breath-taking rides and stunning shows for the whole family to enjoy.

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Essentials to pack when camping for a music festival

Preparing for a music festival can be an exciting experience, particularly if you’ve never been to one before. However it can also have its own pit falls, as some holidays often do. You’ll need to remember that this is not your average camping trip and that alcohol will most likely be involved, so it is a good idea to be prepared for any occasion.

Whether on your own in a small group or with a large society, music festivals are a great way to meet like-minded people who come together for the purpose of celebrating a band or several bands and seeing them play live. They are hyped up atmospheres full of laughter and loud music and singing late into the night and early into the morning. However they can also get a bit out of hand if you do not come fully prepared.


In addition to your average sleeping bag, snacks, blow up mattresses and canvas seats in preparation for camping, as well as a change of clothes and a good old rechargeable camera to take photos of your fantastic festival times, here are a few key things we think you need to pack, just in case.

Baby Wipes, Deodorant and Dry Shampoo

Many music festivals will have a designated area for facilities, whether it is an established building, a selection of portable toilets and showers for hire, or just a hose and a hole in the ground (if on a budget). That being said, it is also a good idea to pack your own level of hygiene items as the toilets and showers may be crowded or dirty when you try to use them.

Be aware that you will probably still need to brave the showers at one point during the festival as baby wipes and deodorant can only do so much, but they provide a helpful alternative to four showers a day in hot weather. Baby wipes are recommended as they are great for all ages and are perfect for those with sensitive skin. Some hand sanitizer would not go amiss either!

Water, Water and more Water

While alcohol is more often drunk at music festivals and drinking water can be seen as a sign of slowing down or ‘weakness’ among some festival goers, it is an essential part of staying happy and healthy, particularly during the summer. If you aren’t properly hydrated, you will feel sick and you will have to sit most of the festival out.

Remember, you can still get reasonably merry and still properly hydrate yourself if you keep an even balance. Do not skimp out on drinking water just because you want to get drunk quicker, because that will just end up making you feel ill.

Dried Snacks

Snacks and crisps are all very well, but in high humidity and heat they can go off pretty quickly. Dried and dehydrated snacks as well as tinned snacks are great for festivals as they keep for a lot longer and can be consumed at any times. For tinned snacks make sure to pack a can opener otherwise you might find yourself having to bang it on a rock.

Toilet Paper

It is a fate your mother has always warned you about. You go to do your business, sit down and you’re all out of toilet paper. However, there is a hugely long queue and you’re busting for it. What to do? In these cases, packing your own extra toilet paper can be a godsend.

You don’t have to put a whole roll in, just maybe a few reams in one of your pockets, or carry around a few packets of pocket tissues for emergencies as these work just as well and can be more hygienic. You might also save someone else’s bacon if they happen to run out!

Painkillers and Plasters

Accidents are going to happen so it is a good idea to be prepared in a worst case scenario. Packing a nice set of painkillers is a good idea if you start getting a headache from the music or the atmosphere and plasters are always necessary as you never know when a bump or a scrape can become painful and irritating. Plus if you are jumping around, you might get blisters on your feet by the end of the day and they can become almost unbearable by the last day without good protection. Even a small first aid kit is highly recommended!

Music festivals can be a whole lot of fun if you are fully prepared for the effects of camping in a cramped tent with a hangover, but then again that is part of the whole experience. You often go out to these places, in the middle of nowhere, in order to get a full sense of freedom and sometimes freedom isn’t all squeaky clean and sparkles. Getting down and dirty is half the fun of camping, it just really helps if you are prepared for the clean up afterwards as if is never fun having to sleep in a sleeping bag with grit in between your toes. Find the right balance and you’ll have a great time.

Article provided by Serviced Events, the UK’s largest hire company of official GigLoo facilities – the new way to stay fresh, hygienic and on top of your game when faced with the cosmetic challenges of navigating the UK’s famous festival scene.

Tips for a Successful Mountaineering Trip

Mountaineering is one of the most popular outdoor activities for those with a sense of adventure. It is certainly beneficial for your health and also a far more challenging activity compared to other outdoor activities.

claviere ski resortWhether you are looking for mountains to climb abroad or closer to home, the same helpful tips and guidance can be used to prepare you for your upcoming mountaineering trip. You will likely face some tough fitness battles along the way, so make sure you read the following tips to ensure your fully prepared…

The Training Phase

Mountaineering should never be tackled head on, with many aspects involved that must be addressed before you get started. You will need to cover these aspects before you go anywhere near a mountain.

They include map reading, weather expertise, rope work and navigation skills. Any organisation with plenty of experience and a good reputation will help you with trusted, specialist advice and assistance.

Appropriate Footwear & Clothing

You will need to invest in a pair of rugged mountaineering boots before setting off, although this does depend on the season and conditions. You may be able to get away with a pair of reliable walking boots in the summer.

You will certainly need rugged specialist mountaineering boots in the winter. Outdoor retailers who are trusted and reputable can provide you with a range of mountaineering boots suited to your requirements.


Food and water are absolutely essential on any mountaineering trips as you’d expect, with the ideal food sources being lightweight, easy to carry and high in energy. High-energy bars are ideal along with pre-packaged meals.

Food is incredibly important as it can make or break an expedition in the mountains, so it’s important to bring something along with you that is both nutritious and enjoyable! Also, if you’re in the mountains longer than you anticipated for whatever reason, having extra rations in your backpack is highly recommended.

Emergency Shelter

It is quite easy for those with little mountaineering experience to underestimate the impact of mountain weather, which isn’t like your standard ground level conditions.

You will need an emergency shelter with you at all times in case you need to stop due to heavy rain or extreme gusts of wind. They can be life savers as they protect you and your party from the elements. You can acquire appropriate mountain shelter at any outdoor retailer.

Checking Up on the Weather

It doesn’t matter how enthusiastic you are to start your mountaineering trip, it’s absolutely essential that you know the weather forecast prior to setting out. A local weather forecast on the morning of your journey is ideal for the most accurate forecast, while the night before gives you time to make a decision as to whether you should postpone your expedition.

If you head out on a mountain trail without checking the weather conditions beforehand, you may have little option but to stay in the mountains if conditions deteriorate, so checking beforehand is an absolute must!

Article provided by Cadet Direct, a well stocked online surplus superstore and official supplier of the military forces.